Elise 900, 2018, US Flag

MARKET|FIRSTGREEN - Elise 900, 2018, US Flag
MARKET|FIRSTGREEN - Elise 900, 2018, US Flag
MARKET|FIRSTGREEN - Elise 900, 2018, US Flag
MARKET|FIRSTGREEN - Elise 900, 2018, US Flag
MARKET|FIRSTGREEN - Elise 900, 2018, US Flag

Elise 900, 2018, US Flag

$46,000  VAT excl.

Any questions?

Write directly to Mike Allerding

EV Power Equipment

Call to: (419)-651-9603

Email to: mikea@evpowerequipment.com

GPM lithium battery option available at request

24 months warranty

We provide 24 months
company warranty.

Complex technical check

The loader undergoes a thorough check of technical parameters.

More powerful than diesel

Get more power with less fuel consumption and environmental impact, thanks to our fully electric drive train.



Used, less than 100 hours 

Model year



Standard 240Ah 


Gen 1 


Elise 900 


The Elise 900 is the world's first fully electric skid steer loader.
Powered by either lead-acid battery, it produces zero local emissions, operates silently and with just as much power as any conventional diesel loader.

With up to 8 hours of operation, the Elise is easily capable of working for the whole day, and with battery swapping solutions, it can seamlessly operate around the clock. All while saving over 95% on fuel alone.
Lifting capacity isn't hindered by the electric power either, as the Elise easily lifts over 1200kg/2600lbs, and with its low centre of gravity, the Elise can reach higher than any other skid loader, at over 3,6m/12ft.

Operators will appreciate the low noise and no vibrations, both of which increase their comfort tremendously and thus reduce fatigue. With highly configurable controls, any operator can make the Elise his own.

A unique capability of the Elise is the possibility to use „eAttachments,“ FGI’s own electrically powered attachments, such as the sweeper or snowblower. These provide much higher level of efficiency than their hydraulic counterparts.

And if you work in dangerous environments, the remote-control option will come in handy.


  • Battery capacity - 240Ah with charger

  • Heating

  • Door sensor

  • Standard bucket

  • Wiring harness for eAttachments

  • Run time - Up to 6 hours

  • Lifting capacity – 1900lbs

  • Tipping load – 5300lbs

  • Hinge-pin height – 12ft

  • Ground clearance – 26cm/10in

  • Expired warranty


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